Kadriorg, Tallinn, 2016
Architects that co-operated: Pille Noole, Üllar Ambos, and Ioannis Lykouras

Jaan Poska was mayor of Tallinn, Estonia's foreign minister of the Republic and the head of the Estonian delegation in the peace negotiations with Soviet Russia.

The sculpture depicts Poska walking home from work, a portfolio under his arm. Basic idea is t visualize Jaan Poska´s the journey of life and its lifelike shape, easily and naturally.

Photos: Annika Haas

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elo ja poska

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Church square, Kärdla, 2012
Architects that co-operated: Maris ja Kadri Kerge 

Hiiumaa's memorial place honoring fallen soldiers in Hiiumaa in the World War II is dedicated to all soldiers from Hiiumaa who died in the WWII irrespectively to which side somebody fought on.

Memorial monument depicts a young man who has freshly returned from the war – he sits and looks towards his home village. On his left side stands a memorial tablet with the names of his fellow soldiers who died on the battlefield. These men never returned home to their wives, mothers, sons, and daughters. On his right side lies future; the land that he starts to cultivate again. He sits as he would sit on the strip that shreds the river of life and death right before he starts to walk home. Past and future are linked in him. Hiiumaa's lad..

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International rock sculpture symposium Kato Polemidia, Cypros, 2008

Name of the sculpture toys around with lexical ambiguity. English word 'Pole' transforms in Estonian language into 'non-existence', into emptiness, into nothing.

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The roof of Linnahall, Tallinn, 2006 

The highest monument (7 meters) in Estonia which was custom made and in relation to customer's bankruptcy disappeared without a trace. The author and builders were left unpaid and in certainty that the piece has been sold as metal waste. In 2013 the monument was coincidentally found from Kilingi-Nõmme forest. It stood on the shore of a beautiful lake where it finally had reached after various twists and turns. All is well that ends well.

Kalev was made with the support of Hansanova Ltd

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