When I was 8, I wanted to become an astronaut.
At 12 I decided to become a sculptor.
At 14 I poured bronze for the first time at ARS Monumental. It was a human-sized old man on his hands and with a tail. In 1985 the sculpture was sent to National young artist exhibition in Tartu. At that moment I was convinced my decision was the right one.

Approximately 30 years have passed; in the course of it the world of sculpture has experienced groundbreaking times. The word 'sculpture' is no longer enough to represent the subject field that it previously signified. Video, sound, and light installation; readymades; public art, or site-specific art, monument; land art; experimental art; the mixture of different art fields... It seems that nowadays the word 'sculpture' celebrates only the world of portraits and nudes made of stone and bronze (?).

It is difficult for me to categorize my body of work since the purity of style has not been my concern.