Harju and Karja gate locations in the Old Town of Tallinn, 2016
Public space installations, height of about 5.5 meters

At Harju and Karja Street emerged duarig the Old Town Days two large scale installations, noting the power of the entry and exit of the medieval Tallinn and bringing visual atmosphere of the Old Town of the former grandeur into modern time. Objects focused on creating very large dimensionsof fort adjacent gates massivsete hole pattern that encourages the idea of the scale of these past times in today's cityscape. The sizes and locations of measurements, based on the archaeological findings and the opinions of historians. Helping team: Killu Mägi, Pille Kivihall, Kauri Kiivamees.

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Patkuli Stairs, Tallinn Winter Light, 2016
Site-specific video mapping and audio solution
Video mapping: Elo Liiv
Concept: Elo Liiv, Marianne Jõgi
Audio solution: Marianne Jõgi

Under the platform of Tallinn's Toompea, on the snowy part of the wall, a videomapping from the stream, which seems to flow down the slopes of Toompea. At the bottom of the staircase, the acoustic sound is heard from the fast-flowing river as a loudspeaker line. Visitors had to go through interference of light and sound.
Sound support: Taavi Suisalu

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Mirage or Transformation of Three Mystic

Kadriorg, Tallinn, 2016
Kinetic installation

Kadriorg park pond is also known as Swanpond. At one point, it is a fantasy or not - but the three swans have transormed for three dervishes, who bring their dedication to love into Nordic freshness

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Black hole

Kanut garden, Tallinn, 2013
Light installation
Wall, mirror, laser

Lightness and darkness equals Open and Hidden. Blazing lightness can be more dazzling than darkness. Darkness offers plenty of possibilities, yet in the presence of light all the world is known and evident. Black Hole, the embodiment of infinite darkness, transforms everything into something else and therefore only mirror knows what it reflects in the dark.

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Church of an Estonian

Harjumägi, Tallinn, 2013
People, greenhouse, grass 

What do Estonians believe in? Majority cannot give an answer. Yet they go and they bow on their farm plot, garden or greenhouse every spare moment they have. This is Estonian's sanctuary.
Pathway to the shrine winds through a labyrinth that has to be carefully mown in the summer. 

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Train Beat

International art train 'Cosmic Underground' on the way from Tallinn to Guimaraes, 2012
Video, sound, and light installation: Elo Liiv
Concept: Elo Liiv, Eva Tallo 

Dream of freedom is like a cosmic underground from one reality to another. Its beat is endless commuting between reminiscences and dreams. Back and forth without stopping; merely for a moment to switch the tracks.

One dreams of freedom constantly whether enchained or not. Those who live in suffering have faith and vision statement so sincere and strong, they are saved only by memories and dreams, heading to the indefiniteness. Free ones suffer from the heart of history's sake, always consoled by memories of chains – heading to the indefiniteness again. Both are in certain unreal cultural room; place... what could call cultural memory – the historical desire of freedom and national memory of pain.

Wagon, simultaneously are working visuals that have a strong symbolic language, waves of ECG (electrocardiogram) joining the beats of a heart and a train.

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A joint project of Estonian and Finnish artists, Viljandi, 2011

Arteground reflects on an Estonian-Finnish art symposium of a same name that took place in 2011. During the symposium artists engaged in interactive discussions on the subject of environmental art. Is environmental made of trash or is it producing trash? Art, water and ecology. Community + art = community-based art? The symbolism of water in art.

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Sea under the yard

Amandus Adamson's House Museum, Paldiski 2011
Metal waste

What did we have amid our village? We had a swing amid the village
What more did we have amid our village? There was a forest amid our village
What was there amid the forest? There was a sea amid the forest
What was there amid the sea? The lake was there amid the sea
What was there amid the lake? The well was there amid the lake
What was there amid the well? The pillar was there in the middle of the well
What was there on top of the pillar? A sifter was there on top of the pillar
What was there in the bottom of the sifter? There was a ring in the bottom of the sifter

An old runic song from Estonia
Ambla parish, Nõmküla borough, Kalle village; K. Viljak & W. Rosenstrauch < Jüri Jessuke (Lessuke), 45 years (1913)

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Inner burning

Tallinn Light Festival, Harjumägi, Tallinn, 2010

They were the three
The three light bearers
With inner burning
Standing out from afar

Nobody knows
Why the vivid light of the one
went out on that day
Was the fire lacking power
Or did he burn
With a flame
Too high
With a flame
So big
It burnt out its own strength
To bear the light
And share it with others
Or was it faulty
the fire material
Too heavy
Shimmering pressure of light

And what should they do
The two
Keep pursuing their
by burning even more brightly
Or should they
Hold back and wait
Until returns
The strength of the third

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The comb

Old town, Tallinn, 2007
Light and sound installation 

Galaxies (among them our Milky Way galaxy and big Andromeda galaxy) converge into various abundant clusters and groups. Estonian astrophysicist Jaan Einasto in co-operation with other scientists from Tartu Observatory discovered a dark or perhaps an invisible matter around the giant galaxies. Later on the scientist group came up with the concept of superclusters whereupon they recognized that the universe is comb-shaped. It was proved that the clusters which belong in superclusters form quite an organized network. The network is almost right-angled and the diameter of its cell is around 120 megaparsecs. The configuration of regular cells (the diameter of a cell is around 400 million light years) can be compared to honeycomb where cells also position orderly.

This installation piece consists of two components one of which is placed on the ground, the other is floating in the air. The composition is based on a tetrahedral kite which is a simplification of a hexahedron comb, and is constructed by renowned telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Humankind has invented pyramidal structure that has been used everywhere in the world by people with different cultural-traditional backgrounds. It has been applied in forms of communication with the afterlife or when trying to get in touch with nature spirits and supreme beings. Gods of the earth speak with gods of the heaven. The earth speaks with the air.

Linked indoor exhibitions were presented in Tartu Art Hall, 2007 and in ArtDepoo, 2008.

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Tallinn Light Festival, Hirvepark, Tallinn, 2006

Estonian word 'minevik' corresponds in translation to English word 'past' that is pronounced similarly to an Estonian word 'paast' which has a completely different meaning. Still it is quite unusual that these two words can be tightly linked to one another in semiotic sense – paast (fasting) is past-like and past is fasting-like (paastuline). Past holds in itself similarly to paast the concentration of something that has already been consumed and experienced; a situation where the purification process occurs and only the essential is preserved. However at one point the spatial absoluteness of past is absorbed by the flames of new lives.

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International Sculpture Symposium, Salacgriva, Läti, 2005
Granite, wood

Everything is part of the same world. Everything is connected. Joint. This piece speaks about love, the sacredness. 

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Chamber of the world

Kuressaare castle, Saaremaa, 2001
Land art Symposium "Open Circle" 

Up on the wall of Kuressaare castle. On the highest point above... The chamber of indigenous people with liberating prayers and gifts. For those whose spirits and bodies were trampled down under the feet of foreign invaders. So we would not forget the freedom.

  • 2001 ilmakoda
  • 2001 ilmakoda2

Soul effigy

Haapsalu airfield, 1997

A fox has left its footprints on concrete pathways and runways of a Soviet Union's airfield. There are no apparent traces of planes or soldiers; only big abandoned buildings and endless tracks that are reclaimed by nature, centimeter by centimeter. Soul effigy.

  • 1997 liband
  • 1997 liband2

Street skin

Manchester, England, 1997
Urban space project

Imprints that change places on the facades of the buildings, on the pavements, on the objects of cityscape. Everything stands in place in the city. Buildings do not meet buildings. Streets do not gather for joint events. We just helped a bit.

  • 1997 Manchester lastega
  • 1997 Manchester lastega2

The three peaks

Högakusten, Sweden,1995
Landscape art project on three mountains

On the layout scheme the three mountains in North-Sweden form the three vertices of a triangle: The world – the ritual – the sage.

The mountain symbolizing the world is the highest mountain in the district. It is located on the shore of a big lake and lies in such remote place where even footprints left on the moss seem redundant.
The mountain symbolizing the rites became a rite place. A giant chair together with the spiral, gateway, and sound stood on the top of the mountain.
The mountain symbolizing the sage was once in witch-hunt times an execution site of local sages. Great amount of the knowledge of rural people was pushed in the abyss. A wand was set in there in their memory.

These three vertices form an integral whole. None of them can exist separately. When you exclude one of the vertices the other two lose the correlation and the meaning that unfolds in them.

  • 1995 högakusten
  • 1995 högakusten2
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