Whats up?

* 2018 - "The Study of Sight" will be opened at Võru, Pärnu and Haapsalu galleries, where Annika Haas, Elo Liiv and Jekaterina Kultajeva are exhibiting their photo, video, sound and sculpture installations. The works depict the visually impaired people of Estonia and raise the theme of “social blindness” more broadly.

* 18.10-18.11.2018 Tartu in Light / TAVA2018 main organizer

* 2018 Completion of the monument of Ülo Pärnits /Ylemiste City, Tallinn

* 2020 Completion of the monument "Muhu Remembers" / Liiva, Muhu island

* 2019 Completion of the monument to the Sangaste rye



There are various ways to approach the extremely diverse folk culture and it is an infinitely exciting world. Participants of all ages can identify with subject matters most inherent and necessary for them and gain the experience through meaningful manual activity.

In an era when the rising generation does not even know how to cut bread with knife these folk culture workshops could be organized as the instruction for survival.

Who am I?

Ma ei tea, kes ma olen. Kunstnik, kes eksib igale poole ära ja unustab oma kunsti tegemise. Aga siis leiab ta taas oma raja, taskust tööriistad ja märkmikust tööde joonised. Ta jätkab järjekordse kogemuse, enese- ja maailmamõistmise (tegelikult üks ja see sama) võrra rikkamana ja loodab, et jäljed, mis ta ekslemise käigus tegi, olid sama vajalikud ja olulised nendele kohtadele ja inimestele, kui nemad talle. Sedasi tundub hetkel.


Pärimus, omakultuur, etnograafia, etnoloogia, antropoloogia, arheoloogia, pärimuskultuur, rahvakultuur, omausk, rahvausk, rahvakunst, rahvamuusika, rahvuslik käsitöö, rahvatants, pärimuslik muusika ja tants... palju sõnu erinevate rahvaste kultuuriilmingute uurijatele. Vahel tundub, et uurijaid ja nende termineid on rohkem, kui üks rahvas suudab kultuuri luua. Uurimine ja analüüs on osa kultuuriloomest, kui seda toetab ja sellele ühtlasi ka tugineb praktika ning eksperimentaalsus.

See on valdkond, kus ühendan kunsti ja usundilise pärimuse. See teekond kulgeb aeglaselt, kuidas huvi ja soovijaid on ning kuidas maailm põhjuseid pakub. Siin lehel on veel vähe pilte, valminud pillid on pildistamata.


When I was 8, I wanted to become an astronaut. At 12 I decided to become a sculptor. I studied at Kalju Reitel’s sculpture studio and after several successful attendances at national student sculpture competitions I went to study bronze-casting techniques at ARS Monumental. This was a place where all the Baltic region’s largest historic monuments were made. I was an eager student and casted my first bronze statue that featured human-sized old man with a tail on crouched position looking up at the sky - in 1985 the “Ecce homo!” was sent to National young artist exhibition in Tartu.

Today, I have worked as a sculptor approximately 30 years. This has been exciting time over the course of which the world of sculpture has experienced groundbreaking times. The so-called classical sculpture is now standing on the art scene that is vigorously dominated by video, sound, and light installation; readymades; public art, or site-specific art, monument; land art; experimental art; the mixture of different art fields. It is difficult for me to categorize my body of work since I have been interested in all fields, materials, and techniques that have to do with the current period of sculpture. I value monumental sculpture and natural materials but on the other hand I am drawn by video, mapping, light, kinetics – technological opportunities that are available to artist in contemporary times. 

Art for sale

When you are looking for gift or prize ideas; or when you think some place looks bland and bleak without art; or when you got great ideas for artwork but regardless of talent lack skills to execute the ideas then perhaps you can find a solution in here or in my studio. I take orders for custom work. I am open-minded and trust the customer when setting the prize. I live by a principle that paying higher prize for something does not mean being defrauded but instead supporting somebody who has fewer opportunities. With this I am not referring to myself but to customers who would like to purchase or order something from me but are unable to do so due to their economic situation. Do not be shy to contact me. Sooner or later we can execute the ideas.

Write or call – here is my contact information.