When I was 8, I wanted to become an astronaut. At 12 I decided to become a sculptor. I studied at Kalju Reitel’s sculpture studio and after several successful attendances at national student sculpture competitions I went to study bronze-casting techniques at ARS Monumental. This was a place where all the Baltic region’s largest historic monuments were made. I was an eager student and casted my first bronze statue that featured human-sized old man with a tail on crouched position looking up at the sky – in 1985 the “Ecce homo!” was sent to National young artist exhibition in Tartu.

Today, I have worked as a sculptor approximately 30 years. This has been exciting time over the course of which the world of sculpture has experienced groundbreaking times. The so-called classical sculpture is now standing on the art scene that is vigorously dominated by video, sound, and light installation; readymades; public art, or site-specific art, monument; land art; experimental art; the mixture of different art fields. It is difficult for me to categorize my body of work since I have been interested in all fields, materials, and techniques that have to do with the current period of sculpture. I value monumental sculpture and natural materials but on the other hand I am drawn by video, mapping, light, kinetics – technological opportunities that are available to artist in contemporary times. 

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