Kuressaare Castle, Saaremaa, 2012.
Exhibition of small forms, Tartu, 2013.
Poster of the exhibition (pdf)
Sound installation, plaster.

Installation focuses on relationships between people; on the conscious and non-conscious roles. The entire exhibition is resolved paradoxically being inspired by dog body postures during training and eye contact. Sound has important part in this installation.
Obedience and the feeling of joy when the owner or the person we want to be liked by pays us attention, approves us and plays with us…. Every single good gesture gives us reason for even greater affection. We stay on-call for the dearly respected ready to rush where pointed. Unfortunately people when talking to each other nearly ever use the tone of voice they use with their pets. Nevertheless the partner is expected to stay available at any time and give close attention.
Relationships shape us more than we think. In the beginning of the relationship the boundaries between the self and the other disappear; we agree to renounce our true nature. We all have sacrificed our souls, skills, desires, and body for the name of common state of mind. But what happens when our victim mentality starts to endanger us? When our partner has no kind words for us anymore? When our eyes open and we realize the real or perhaps over time altered behavioral patterns of ourselves and our partner? Whether to continue the same way by obeying voluntarily and with joy, or fretfully and with revolting servility. Whether to talk it over? To live apart?
These are the breaking points that make us realize that we cannot find ourselves through relationships. Through relationships we create ourselves.

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