The home of Universe

Solo exhibition ‘The home of Universe’, The Museum of New Art in Pärnu, 2003.
Solo exhibition ‘The home of Universe’, Kohtla-Järve City Gallery, 2004.

Exhibition-installation, the complete system on the entire gallery space. Video, sound, photo, aluminum, wood, bronze, and other materials.

There are various belief systems and ritual objects in our world. Humans are part of nature or perhaps part of the environment. Countless theories have been developed to apprehend and explain this environment and at least the same amount of ritual objects to influence it.

Which of them is right for somebody, which one is not? Why certain objects become more sacred over time and for what reason are they considered more powerful than others? The world of supreme beings, humans, plants, and animals is represented as work of art so we could understand the wholeness of Universe. The author endeavored to capture different basic concepts of the Universal order; similar and distinct features have been sought out. First and foremost, the exhibition tries to answer a question: ‘Where is the home of Universe and does it even exists as such?’

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