The three peaks

Högakusten, Sweden,1995
Landscape art project on three mountains

On the layout scheme the three mountains in North-Sweden form the three vertices of a triangle: The world – the ritual – the sage.

The mountain symbolizing the world is the highest mountain in the district. It is located on the shore of a big lake and lies in such remote place where even footprints left on the moss seem redundant.
The mountain symbolizing the rites became a rite place. A giant chair together with the spiral, gateway, and sound stood on the top of the mountain.
The mountain symbolizing the sage was once in witch-hunt times an execution site of local sages. Great amount of the knowledge of rural people was pushed in the abyss. A wand was set in there in their memory.

These three vertices form an integral whole. None of them can exist separately. When you exclude one of the vertices the other two lose the correlation and the meaning that unfolds in them.

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