The comb

Old town, Tallinn, 2007
Light and sound installation 

Galaxies (among them our Milky Way galaxy and big Andromeda galaxy) converge into various abundant clusters and groups. Estonian astrophysicist Jaan Einasto in co-operation with other scientists from Tartu Observatory discovered a dark or perhaps an invisible matter around the giant galaxies. Later on the scientist group came up with the concept of superclusters whereupon they recognized that the universe is comb-shaped. It was proved that the clusters which belong in superclusters form quite an organized network. The network is almost right-angled and the diameter of its cell is around 120 megaparsecs. The configuration of regular cells (the diameter of a cell is around 400 million light years) can be compared to honeycomb where cells also position orderly.

This installation piece consists of two components one of which is placed on the ground, the other is floating in the air. The composition is based on a tetrahedral kite which is a simplification of a hexahedron comb, and is constructed by renowned telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Humankind has invented pyramidal structure that has been used everywhere in the world by people with different cultural-traditional backgrounds. It has been applied in forms of communication with the afterlife or when trying to get in touch with nature spirits and supreme beings. Gods of the earth speak with gods of the heaven. The earth speaks with the air.

Linked indoor exhibitions were presented in Tartu Art Hall, 2007 and in ArtDepoo, 2008.

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