2022 Sculpture Network Online Club Presentation “The power of memory: monuments”
2021 Sculpture Network Online Club Presentation „Fire, Fog, Light & Electricity!“
2021 LUCI Annual Conference “Improving Urban Lighting Through Workshops and Education”
2017 “Light as art in public space – space attacks with students”, KUHI annual conference, TLÜ
2016 “Light as art in public space – on the examples of Tallinn and Tartu”, practical seminar of the NGO
Estonian Municipal Economy Association
2011 “Home of an Item”, poster presentation, IV Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in
Cultural Theory “Things in culture, culture in things” // Tartu, Estonia
2007 “Natural sacred places researcher vs user”, poster presentation at conference ‘Holy Groves
Around the Baltic Sea’ // The Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia
2006 Thing’s (a) home as our home, speech, conference of the Võro Institute „ Fenno-Baltic home“ //
Võru, Estonia
2004 Seto Patterns, poster presentation, Võro Institute conference ” Border Cultures and Languages”
// Võru,
2003 X Fenno-Ugric folklore festival, Tver, Karelia
2003 XI All-Russian folklore festival Tšeboksarõ, Chuvashia
2002 Etno-futu conference, Iževsk, Udmurtia

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