A joint project of Estonian and Finnish artists, Viljandi, 2011 Arteground reflects on an Estonian-Finnish art symposium of a same name that took place in 2011. During the symposium artists engaged in interactive discussions on the subject of environmental art. Is environmental made of trash or is it producing trash? Art, water and ecology. Community + art = community-based art? The symbolism of water in art.
Amandus Adamson’s House Museum, Paldiski 2011 Metal waste What did we have amid our village? We had a swing amid the village What more did we have amid our village? There was a forest amid our village What was there amid the forest? There was a sea amid the forest What was there amid the sea? The lake was there amid the sea What was there amid the lake? The well was there amid the lake What was there amid the well? The pillar was there in the middle of the well What was there on top of the
Tallinn Light Festival, Harjumägi, Tallinn, 2010Intsallation  They were the threebeforehandThe three light bearersMightyWith inner burningStanding out from afar Nobody knowsWhy the vivid light of the onewent out on that dayWas the fire lacking powerOr did he burnWith a flameToo highWith a flameSo bigIt burnt out its own strengthTo bear the lightAnd share it with othersOr was it faultythe fire materialToo heavyShimmering pressure of light And what should they doNowThe twoKeep pursuing theirDestinyby burning even more brightlyOr should theyHold back and waitUntil returnsThe strength of the third
Open-air exchibition, Kuressaare 2010  Throughout the ages Sky and the Earth have been connected by the pillar of the universe that observes the world we perceive through its eyes. Sun rises from its mouth and sets with the end of the sentence.
Tallinn Light Festival, Hirvepark, Tallinn, 2006 Installation  Estonian word ‘minevik’ corresponds in translation to English word ‘past’ that is pronounced similarly to an Estonian word ‘paast’ which has a completely different meaning. Still it is quite unusual that these two words can be tightly linked to one another in semiotic sense – paast (fasting) is past-like and past is fasting-like (paastuline). Past holds in itself similarly to paast the concentration of something that has already been consumed and experienced; a situation where the purification process occurs and only the essential is preserved. However at one point the spatial absoluteness
Kuressaare castle, Saaremaa, 2001 Land art Symposium “Open Circle”  Up on the wall of Kuressaare castle. On the highest point above… The chamber of indigenous people with liberating prayers and gifts. For those whose spirits and bodies were trampled down under the feet of foreign invaders. So we would not forget the freedom.
Haapsalu airfield, 1997 Installation A fox has left its footprints on concrete pathways and runways of a Soviet Union’s airfield. There are no apparent traces of planes or soldiers; only big abandoned buildings and endless tracks that are reclaimed by nature, centimeter by centimeter. Soul effigy.
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