A´la H.Daumier, the gift to the Royalist Party

Group exhibition ‘Saturday I’, Children’s Creative House, Tallinn, 1990.
Bronze and concrete 

The sculpture is inspired by the caricature of a French artist Honoré Daumier; it mocked king Louis-Philippe I and the multifaceted feature of monarchs in general. The artwork was finished at the senior year of High-School when new parties were springing up like mushrooms after the rain. One of the most humorous parties at time was Estonian Royalist Party that through humor and seriousness thought that the only feasible guarantee for Estonia’s development potential is a royal monarch.

The statue was ceremoniously granted at the opening and in 1993 the royalists gave the sculpture to the town of Rapla with a requirement that the town mayor has to wash the sculpture every year around St. George’s day. At the same time they promised that in case the head remains unwashed the Head of the Town will be taken from Rapla and so the proud tradition emerged – Washing the Head of the Town.

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