Useful (AB)use 001

Tallinn Art Hall, 2013.
Tallinn Light Biennale, 2013.

Video and light installation: Elo Liiv
Concept: Elo Liiv, Eva Tallo

Human kind abuses machines. It is a field where otherwise suppressed emotions are released. Concurrently to social norms exists a standard free and violent reality in regard to machinery.

Exhibition visitor is lead to subconscious labyrinth that reaches again and again to no through road: out of control violence, the cult of development, false affection and mechanophilia, fear and self-ridicule, and desire to merge and identify with the victim of violence.
Installation evokes feelings of guilt that mingle with spiritual agony. Under the attack are characteristics inherent to humans like capability for empathy and suppressed anthropomorphism. The parallels are crossed and the viewer is forced to identify with the occasion.

Black box, endlessly operating washing machine, behavioral patterns that are represented in social media, the European Commission’s guideline on humankind’s violence towards machinery (fake).

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