Old town, Tallinn, 2007 Light and sound installation  Galaxies (among them our Milky Way galaxy and big Andromeda galaxy) converge into various abundant clusters and groups. Estonian astrophysicist Jaan Einasto in co-operation with other scientists from Tartu Observatory discovered a dark or perhaps an invisible matter around the giant galaxies. Later on the scientist group came up with the concept of superclusters whereupon they recognized that the universe is comb-shaped. It was proved that the clusters which belong in superclusters form quite an organized network. The network is almost right-angled and the diameter of its cell is around 120
Group exhibition ‘Air, Light, and Flying’, Tartu Art Hall, Tartu, 2007. Group exhibition ‘Lumbago’, ArtDepoo, Tallinn, 2008. The installation consists of a flying component of a two-part land art object. The composition is based on a tetrahedral kite which is a simplification of a hexahedron comb, and is constructed by renowned telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell. How to bring down into a narrow space with low ceilings a flying and high-dimensional piece that requires extensive space, air, and place free under the sky?
Harju and Karja gate locations in the Old Town of Tallinn, 2016 Public space installations, height of about 5.5 meters At Harju and Karja Street emerged duarig the Old Town Days two large scale installations, noting the power of the entry and exit of the medieval Tallinn and bringing visual atmosphere of the Old Town of the former grandeur into modern time. Objects focused on creating very large dimensionsof fort adjacent gates massivsete hole pattern that encourages the idea of the scale of these past times in today’s cityscape. The sizes and locations of measurements, based on the archaeological
Patkuli Stairs, Tallinn Winter Light, 2016 Site-specific video mapping and audio solution Video mapping: Elo Liiv Concept: Elo Liiv, Marianne Jõgi Audio solution: Marianne Jõgi Under the platform of Tallinn’s Toompea, on the snowy part of the wall, a videomapping from the stream, which seems to flow down the slopes of Toompea. At the bottom of the staircase, the acoustic sound is heard from the fast-flowing river as a loudspeaker line. Visitors had to go through interference of light and sound. Sound support: Taavi Suisalu
Eesti Rahva Muuseum, 2016Audiovisuaalne konstruktsioon Konstruktsiooni idee ja installatsiooni teostus: Elo LiivIdee ja mappingu teostus: Alyona MovkoAudiolahendus: Taavi Suisalu Maailm on kirju. Maailm on kirjatud. Kirjatud käpikud ja sokid, ornamentidega kaunistatud tekid, vaibad, riided, geomeetrilised kujunditega esemed, mööbel, aga ka meie metsad, põllud, talud, linnaruumid, haljastus, tantsuringid, elurattad, saaniteed. Nagu visualiseeritud südame elektrokardiogramm, lõpmatu DNA kood, tõmbe- ja tõukejõud, resoneerivad helilained ja peegelduvad valgusvõnked on esivanemate aegadest pärit kiri kui kogu lainelise maailma resoneeriv kood, mille sümboolikat me lõpuni sõnadesse ja tähendustesse formuleerida ei suuda, kuid millest inspireeritult üha uusi ja uusi elukirjatuid kombinatsioone moodustame, kirjutame. Kui kujutleda kirjade
Kadriorg, Tallinn, 2016Kinetic installation Kadriorg park pond is also known as Swanpond. At one point, it is a fantasy or not – but the three swans have transormed for three dervishes, who bring their dedication to love into Nordic freshness    
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